Portable pools and spas

Some portable pools and spas need to comply with the pool safety laws.

Children can drown in portable pools and spas—the water doesn’t need to be deep. The pool safety laws are aimed at stopping this tragic loss of life.

Portable pools and spas excluded from the laws

Queensland's pool safety laws do not apply to portable pools or spas that meet all of these criteria:

  • cannot be filled with more than 300mm of water; and
  • have a maximum volume of 2000L; and
  • have no filtration system.

Many models of portable pools meet these criteria, but you should check before buying.

Portable pools and spas covered by the new laws

If your portable pool or spa can hold more than 300mm of water, has a volume of more than 2000L or has a filtration system, the laws do apply. You will need to:

  • get a pool safety certificate from a licensed building certifier stating that your pool complies with the pool safety standard, before filling the pool or spa with more than 300mm of water
  • obtain a building approval
  • register your pool or spa.

Portable pools and spas do not need to comply with the pool safety standard unless they are assembled.