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Zodiac AX10 Active Mechanical Pool Cleaner

Zodiac is proud to introduce the NEW AX10 ACTIV Mechanical Suction Cleaner featuring exclusive active cyclonic scrubbing action. The active cyclonic scrubbing brushes provide the ultimate deep cleaning experience. The active scrubbing removes algae and fine particles which other suction cleaners in its class leave behind. Designed to take on the toughest pools, the Zodiac…
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Automatic Pool Cleaner trouble Shooting

Automatic pool cleaners are an integral part of pool maintenance; disaster strikes and time comes to a standstill if your pool cleaner stops working. Symptoms include jitters, sweaty palms, and trembling hands – accompanied by a feeling of injustice and loss. But really, help is out there and by following just a few simple steps,…
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Hair turning Green?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before – swimming pools can turn blonde hair green. Most people are under the false impression that chlorine is to blame. The truth is, chlorine is not the main enemy, but it’s a sidekick. So, the question is…. What Turns Blonde Hair Green In A Swimming Pool? The answer is:…
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Pool Stains

Stains in pools can appear for many different reasons. A stain can be the result of chemical imbalances, the use of poor quality chemicals, the misuse of good or poor quality chemicals, neglect and even old age. There are many different treatments available but the biggest problem with stain treatments is, if you are not sure what…
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