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Pool Stains

Stains in pools can appear for many different reasons. A stain can be the result of chemical imbalances, the use of poor quality chemicals, the misuse of good or poor quality chemicals, neglect and even old age. There are many different treatments available but the biggest problem with stain treatments is, if you are not sure what…
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Pool Lighting

Enjoying your pool shouldn’t be limited to daylight hours. Maximise on your investment by installing pool lights.   Today, many people are time poor and do not have the time to swim only in daylight hours. By installing underwater pool lights you can swim safely and enjoy your recreation time in the pool at night.…
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How often should I test my water?

How often should I test my water? How often you need to test your pool water can often depend on the amount of use and how heavy the bathing load is. Domestic Swimming Pools. When it comes to  the average backyard pool, as a general rule, the water should be tested for chlorine and p.H …
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Pool Heating! Is it a luxury you can afford?

There are a few options for heating your pool and it may not be as expensive as you think. Especially when you consider that you could be enjoying your pool in comfort for twice as long as you do now. Solar Pool Heating You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar…
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