“The Robots are Here”

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Well it looks like they are here to stay.

It was only a short few years ago that the first Robotic cleaners suitable for the domestic market started to come onto the scene.

Previously to this, Robotic pool cleaners were available from a couple of manufacturers but they were very expensive, repairs were costly and the only interest came from the commercial pool sector.

In a very short time we have gone from selling one to two robotic cleaners per year to twenty five to thirty per year.

The prices have come down dramatically as well. ( $3500.00 - $7000.00 down to $900.00 - $2700.00 depending on quality and features )

The demand for Robotic Pool Cleaners is increasing each season and there are very good reasons for this other than affordability.

The simple fact is, Robotic Pool Cleaners do a much better job than suction cleaners.

A good robotic pool cleaner has a powerful internal motor that operates a scrubbing system as well as a dust and dirt collection filter.

Robotic Pool Cleaners do not attach through the pool skimmer. With the pool surface skimmer free do to what it was designed to do, dust and leaves are drawn into the skimmer basket rather than dropping to the bottom of the pool.

The Robotic Pool Cleaner will clean the pool thoroughly in a short one to three hour cycle. Therefore there is no need to leave the pool cleaner in the pool all of the time.

When the pool needs a clean, simply drop the pool cleaner in and remove the cleaner after it has completed it's cycle.

Some Robotic Cleaners even have a "lift system". At the press of a button, the pool cleaner will drive towards you, climb up the wall, discharge itself of water to reduce it's weight and sit there until you lift it out of the pool.

Power Saving

Many pool owners have recently taken advantage of the cost savings associated with the installation of one of the modern power saving pool pumps.

The down side of these pumps is that they don't have enough suction flow to run a suction pool cleaner.

More often than not, the power saving pump has to be adjusted to compensate so the cost of running the pump also increases.

The beauty of a Robotic Pool cleaner is that the pool pump doesn't have to run at all.

A quality Robotic Pool Cleaner only draws 200 watts of electricity during a single cleaning cycle which equates to less than  10 cents per clean.


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