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Is my Pool Fence legal

 Pool fences and safety barriers If you have a pool, it must have a safety barrier. The barrier must be well maintained at all times. Maintenance of pool fences and safety barriers is essential to stop children drowning or being seriously injured. If your pool fence or barrier is damaged, you must repair it immediately.…
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Water Chemistry

Untreated, or improperly treated water can be a health threat. Chemically balanced and sanitised water, on the other hand, will provide a healthy and visually appealing environment for you, your family and friends. Balanced water means that chemical demands have been met. If the chemical levels are too low the water will aggressively seek the…
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Pool Safety

POOL FENCING Queensland regulations require that all swimming pools be fenced unless specifically exempted. Fences must be at least 1.2 m high and gates must be self closing and self latching. The fencing must separate the pool from residential buildings and neighbouring properties. MAJOR POINTS Fencing requirements must be met prior to filling the pool…
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