How often should I test my water?

Domestic Swimming Pools.

How often you need to test your pool water can often depend on the amount of use and how heavy the bathing load is.

When it comes to  the average backyard pool, as a general rule, the water should be tested for chlorine and p.H  at least weekly during the swimming season. Salt levels, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer and Totally Alkalinity can be tested less regularly on a domestic pool. Once a month for a full test is normally acceptable.

If however, the pool doesn't look clear, is getting a lot more use than normal or you believe your pool chlorinator may not be functioning correctly, more frequent testing is recommended.

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Domestic Spas

Spa Pools and Hot Tubs require a lot more water quality maintenance than swimming pools. As you are dealing with a much smaller body of heated water compared to the bathing load ( pool=5 bodies to 40,000ltrs / Spa 5 bodies to 1,500ltrs ), a spa pool can become very un hygienic in a short period of time.

The spa water should be tested for correct Chlorine and p.H prior to every use or at least weekly when not in use.

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