Poolrite Trimlite Lights and Parts

Poolrite Trimlite MK11 Replacement Light Fitting

Comes with globe holder assembly. ( Globe Sold Separately )

Image result for poolrite pool light   $175.00       Ebay-Buy-It-Now


Poolrite Trimlite Blue Lens Cover

Image result for Poolrite Trimlite$29.95      Ebay-Buy-It-Now


Poolrite Trimlite Globe Holder Assembly

Image result for Poolrite Trimlite                $64.95           Ebay-Buy-It-Now



 Halogen Globe to Suit Poolrite 12v 100w

Image result for Poolrite Trimlite globe $18.95            Ebay-Buy-It-Now

Poolrite Trimlite Wall Mounting Bracket

Part #1718 for Concrete Pools

         $25.95          Ebay-Buy-It-Now

 Poolrite Trimlite Complete with 12v Globe, Globe Holder and Blue Lens

Poolrite Trimlite Complete 2       $209.00     Ebay-Buy-It-Now

Spa Electrics GK7 Retro 12v L.E.D Light. ( No Cable )

Image result for Spa Electrics      $335.00      Ebay-Buy-It-Now

L.E.D Retrofit replacement for Poolrite Trimlite 12v and 24v lights.