Pool Stains

Stains in pools can appear for many different reasons.

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A stain can be the result of chemical imbalances, the use of poor quality chemicals, the misuse of good or poor quality chemicals, neglect and even old age.

There are many different treatments available but the biggest problem with stain treatments is, if you are not sure what caused the problem in the first place, choosing the right treatment can be extremely tricky.

In many cases, stain removal is as simple as trial and error. You may have to try two or three different products until you find the one that works.

The first few questions I always ask  are,

Is it Organic or Mineral?

Organic stains can be a result of algae growth  or leaf matter lying on the pool floor.

Mineral stains are generally caused from the introduction of minerals from misuse of certain pool chemicals ( over dosing ), poor quality salt, dirt  or contaminated water.

How long has it been there and do you know what caused it?

If you know the stain wasn't there the day before you added a chemical we are halfway towards the remedy straight away.

What does it look like?

Is it a consistent coverage throughout the pool?,  is it patchy?, is it spotty?  is it only on the floor?,  what colour is it?

A good description is a big help when trying to offer the best advice on a treatments.

For more advice on stain treatments, come in and see one of our staff.

Bring a water sample too so we can have a look if there may be a problem in the chemical balance.

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