Zodiac TX35

  • Extreme Clean: By combining robotic intelligence and powerful cleaning tools it delivers fantastic results in just under 2.5 hours.
  • Effortless Handling: Thanks to its large handle and incredibly lightweight body. At 5.5kg it is one of the lightest robots in the market.
  • Great Convenience:  Fitted with a top access filter canister that is easy to access and clean. No contact with debris is required.
  • Better Hygiene: Its powerful brushing helps prevent germination of algae and bacteria, and greatly reduces the need for using chemicals.
  • Saves Electricity: As it has its own power source and filtration system, it does not use, drains nor clog your pool filtration system and minimizes electricity use.
  • Improved Water Clarity: Without a suction cleaner attached to your pool skimmer, it is left free to skim the top of your pool. This increases the pool’s turnover rate, improving water clarity
  • Reliable & Easy to Use: Incredibly easy to operate. Plug & Play. Fully Automated. Zodiac's industry-leading track record of reliability and warranty support.
  • Suitable for most pools: Handles any pool of any shape for up to 10 x 5 meters. Suitable for most pool surfaces except tiles.
  • 2 Years Warranty
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