How often should I test my water?


Domestic Swimming Pools.

How often you need to test your pool water can often depend on the amount of use and how heavy the bathing load is.

When it comes to  the average backyard pool, as a general rule, the water should be tested for chlorine and p.H  at least weekly during the swimming season. Salt levels, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer and Totally Alkalinity can be tested less regularly on a domestic pool. Once a month for a full test is normally acceptable.

If however, the pool doesn't look clear, is getting a lot more use than normal or you believe your pool chlorinator may not be functioning correctly, more frequent testing is recommended.

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Domestic Spas

Spa Pools and Hot Tubs require a lot more water quality maintenance than swimming pools. As you are dealing with a much smaller body of heated water compared to the bathing load ( pool=5 bodies to 40,000ltrs / Spa 5 bodies to 1,500ltrs ), a spa pool can become very un hygienic in a short period of time.

The spa water should be tested for correct Chlorine and p.H prior to every use or at least weekly when not in use.

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What Filter Cartridge do I need?


If you have any problems working out which filter cartridge you have, please call us on 1800 45 45 75.

Overall Length: Simply measure your cartridge from end to end

Outside Diameter: Measure your cartridge across the top or bottom of the cartridge, ensuring that the tape runs evenly through the middle.

Centre Holes: Measure the diameter of the top and bottom hole ( They are not always the same size )

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What’s your Delivery Policy?


Where "Free Delivery*" is advertised, Pool Shop Xpress will provide free delivery to the nearest City or Major Town.

Some rural areas may not be serviced by our distributors and in these cases you may need to organise collection from the nearest depot or pay a surcharge for delivery to your premises.

In any case where the advertised "Free Delivery*" is not possible as per our delivery policy, a representative from Poolside Shop & Pool Shop Xpress will contact you to make other arrangements prior to acceptance of payment.


How do you handle Returns?


We  offer  full refunds or exchanges on any faulty item provided we are notified of the fault within 5 business days of receipt.

All returned items must be in the original packaging and in good, unused condition.

The cost of postage/freight for returns is the responsibility of the returning party.

We may also offer full or partial refunds on items that are purchased by mistake or are no longer required, however there will be a restocking fee to cover our initial freight costs. The fee shall be equal to our original handling and freight cost.